Laparoscopic Surgery

With the advancements in medical technology , the open surgery is becoming obsolete and the alternative and the future is Laparoscopic Surgery. Let’s understand how a laparoscopic surgery is performed and advantages of Laparoscopic surgery.

Rectal Bleeding

A lot of people ignore rectal bleeding or they simply don’t know about it. But Rectal bleeding is not something that you can ignore. Listen to Dr. Chandika Liyanage explaining what rectal bleeding is.


Gastritis is a common health problem among most Sri Lankans. Let’s listen to Dr. Chandika Liyanage, consultant Gastrointestinal Surgeon talking about identifying the gastritis based on symptoms.

Gallbladder Disease

Do you experience severe abdominal pain specially after eating fatty food ? The gallbladder isn’t an organ that gets a lot of attention — unless it’s causing you pain. Listen to Dr. Chandika Liyanage to learn more about Gallbladder disease.